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The World's Firts Digital Hydorstatic Test System

Digital hydrostatic test system: Rugged portable weatherproof, durable, safe and accurate with all necessary controls. Pressure test pump with digital pressure graph chart recorder 0.15% accuracy. Available in 9 models to pressure up 56,000 psi with multiples liquid flow ranges.

For all industrial pressures and tests certificates: Hoses, pipes, fittings, valves, tubes, vessels, cylinders, receivers, BOP, spools, instruments, gauges, relief valves, pressure switches, transmitters, etc.

System Weight: 80 lbs / Dimensions 22″x 14″x 18″   –  Shipment Weight 89 lbs /  Dimensions: 24″ x 18″ x 20″ – HS Code: 8413.50.0050

  • Rugged portable weatherproof, durable, safe and accurate with all necessary controls. Hydro Test Pump with Chart Recorder available accuracy from 0.15% to 1%. 

    • Easy setup, configuration & reporting
    • Create customized test certificates
    • Pressure and temperature monitoring and recorder
    • Easy Software Interface
    • Wifi and USB Data Shareable (download)
    • 110V Electrical Power (220V Available)
  • For use with a wide range of fluids: Water, oils, hydraulics, glycol, and many more. 
  • Comfortable and compact for easy transportation.
  • Applicacions: Hydrostatic, Calibration,burts, booster, leak detector, pressure test and more. 
  • Pressure Test: Instruments certification test, piping, hoses, vessels, plumbing, valves, spools, cylinders, BOP’s, chambers, calibration, and more.
  • Made in USA with highest quality components for low operational cost, used in all industries including Oil & Gas
  •  Air Operate: 16-28 SCFM
digital pressure chart recorder
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