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Dual Pressure Test Pump System

Hydrostatic pressure test pump unit cart for use in all industries with additional speedy fill-up pump that will help to  suction liquids quickly from any container, reservoir, tank or any other section thus filling the surface  up to 150 psi, (available in flow 12 GPM) before activate the main pressure pump.

Dual pressure test pump system low pressure high flow prefill and high pressure low flow test… 2 air liquid pumps on dolly test cart

Dual pressure test system designed for all purpose, low, medium and high pressures using water, hydraulic, glycol or any other fluid used to check leaks, press resistence, pressure testing, burst, Injection, flushing, hydro, pressure static, operation and more.

Unit Weight: 130 lbs / Dimensions 48″x 24″x 20″   –  Shipment Weight 160 lbs /  Dimensions: 50″ x 26″ x 24″ – HS Code: 8413.50.0050


  • Hydrostatic pressure test cart pump system, air operated (pneumatic driven) liquid pressure piston pump. 
  • It specializes in all Industrial hydro pressure testing including: Piping, Hoses, Vessels, Spools, Valves, Plumbing, Instrumentation Test, Subsea BOP, and many more applications.
  • D2-REX Series pupms have 7″ diameter air piston and a 2-1/2″ stroke. 
  • Air Drive 80-120 Psi – When operating from 0 to rated hydraulic pressure, air consumption will be approximately 24- 56 SCFM of free air at 100 psi output. At lower air pressures and higher hydraulic pressures air consumption will be reduced proportionately to flow rates indicated.
  • The D2-REX Series “Dry Lube” pump it is pre-lubricated and therefore does not require an air line lubricator
  • For use on a wide range of fluids including water, oils/hydraulics, glycol and many other solubles made in USA with highest quality components for low operational cost, used in all industries including Oil & Gas.
dolly hydrostatic test cart
water hydrostatic tpressure test cart
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