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Hydrostatic High Pressure Hoses 

Spir Star hydrostatic high pressure hoses for all industries specialized of pressure testing and hydrostatic for low, medium and high pressures from 5000 psi up to 60000 psi with wide ranges of sizes and flows suitable for liquids, gases and oils. Hoses 15k to 56k are thermoplastic 6-8 layers steel wire (Made in Germany) – Hose 0-10k are synthetic rubber two braids of high tenstile steel wire (Made in USA). 

  • Connections: JIC-NPT-TYPE M-MP & HP
  • Lenght: 20ft  and 10ft (our standard) or request length desire
  • Quick Connectors: Screw type – Push/Pull (with check valve or without)

________________________________________________HYDROSTATIC HOSES 20FT__________________________________________________

____________________________________________ JIC HYDROSTATIC HOSES 20FT__________________________________________________

________________________________________________HYDROSTATIC HOSES 10FT__________________________________________________

________________________________________________JIC HYDROSTATIC HOSES 10FT__________________________________________________

____________________________________________TYME M12 & MONITORING HOSES______________________________________________

A wide selection of hoses quick disconnects coupler and nipple varieties suitable for working pressures of up to 2.070 bar (30.000 psi)SPIR STAR & HYDROREX offers the right solutions for all pressures applications hoses quick connects.

ultra high pressure hose spir star type M
Type M high pressure hose
hose quick disconnect 30000 psi Spir Star
Hose adapter fittings type M