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10-5000W010 SC Hydraulic Pressure Pump 0-1800 Psi

10-5000W010 SC Hydraulic Pressure Pump 0-1800 Psi

  • Pressure Range: 0-1800 PSI
  • Output Flow: 15 Lpm
  • Air Drive: 80-100 Psi
  • SCFM: 16-28
  • Made in USA
  • Certified According to API
  • Liquids: Water, Hydraulic, Oils, Glycol and More…


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SC Hydraulic Engineering Pumps

10-5 Series SC Hydraulic Pumps used on all industries. Air drive liquid pressure pumps, low medium and high pressures with wide ranges of flows

  • Pneumatic air operated 80-100 Psi required
  • Liquid pressure pump: Water, hydraulic, oils, glycol and many more.
  • 10-5 & D5 Series pumps have a 5 1/2″ diameter air piston and a 1 1/4″ stroke
  • At lower air pressures and higher hydraulic pressures air consumption will be reduced proportionately to flow rates indicated.
  •  Is pre-lubricated and therefore does not require an air line lubricator.


  • Staking
  • Piercing
  • Blanking
    Metal forming
    Static and burst testing
    Hydraulic Press operation
    Flow testing requiring relatively low flows at high pressures
    Applications requiring extreme intermittent pressure and velocity commonly associated with water blasting and jetting.
sc hydraulic 10-5 pressure pumps

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 10 in
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Carton Package: 16"L x 10"W x 10"H


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